It Takes a French Village

Rue Veille -- view from our front door.

In the beginning..

It started as a wish, then a preference, then a plan.  We wanted a place to take our daughters for vacations where they can experience a way of life different from the pace of a Washington, DC suburb.   Asia, with the distance and cost, was out of the question for annual sojourns.  Europe was closer, more familiar, and always inviting.

Our quest involved checking out Spain, Italy and France.  We looked for places that can stimulate immersion in the language, cuisine, and culture.  We bought books, talked to friends who lived abroad or purchased property in Europe, calculated and recalculated our budget and continued to dream.  It all came down to a friend’s request to pursue a pied-à-terre near her home in Provence.  But Provencal prices were out of range.   So we looked around and fell in love with Languedoc-Roussillon at first sight.  The history, the wines and the way of life make the region irresistible.  It is beautifully situated between Provence and the Spanish border.  Our pied-à-terre is located in a small rural village in Herault within this region.  A community of 1000 residents, we are the only Americans to date.  But we feel welcome... each and every time.

A bientot
Eliz Stewart
Old Chateau
Vineyards surrounding the village
Canal Du Midi in Capestang

Chari Villanueva-Cabral 14.07.2014 12:01

Beautiful! Vive la France!

Mitos 20.07.2013 16:45

Good job, sounds very inviting and soothing. Talo ang Zen look!

Claudia linehan 01.07.2013 02:05

Elizabeth- you astound us at every turn. What an amazing experience and we love your storytelling. It makes us feel a part of the journey. We miss you all

Mon Cabrera 28.06.2013 03:11

Have not navigated everything in the site yet, but very impressed and loving it. Will make me keep returning.

Susan Ashcraft 28.06.2013 01:40

Living simple....I love beautiful!

Bob Petrini 28.06.2013 00:58

Still looks great - hopefully the petrini family can create new
memories in France


Lence Ferretti 30.05.2013 07:45

Wow! Very inspiring! Breathtaking!

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14.07 | 12:01

Beautiful! Vive la France!

17.02 | 06:57

France is awaiting your return, Betty!

16.02 | 15:07

Such a wonderful experience for all! Truly a beautiful region filled with lovely people, excellent food, and soothing wine! Am looking forward to returning.

07.09 | 18:44

What a joy for this to be shared. I am reading several times, soaking it in and making my own movie in my mind of this adventure. So excited for you three!